Life can change in an instant. I know this all too well, but it turns out (contrary to my experiences in the last year or so) not every change is inherently bad. This is something that I had forgotten.

In August, I accepted a position with my local school board to return to teaching in the face of renewed demand for qualified educators (thank you, Supreme Court of Canada) and then basically fell into the position of my dreams half-way through the first day of school. Not only am I teaching at the high school my son attends- it has a unique work-at-your-own pace organization- I am a Teacher-Librarian and teaching one, awesome class- Writing 12! Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. At all.  I am so, so invigorated by the way things have turned out. Turns out, I had no idea that what I was looking for had anything to do with returning to work. And, as if a pay-cheque wasn’t benefit enough, I find as the craziness of September has begun to fade, that my passion and zest for writing has been reignited. Despite having less real time to dedicate to writing, I now find I value what time to do have and am way, way more productive. I’m frankly embarrassed by how much procrastination was going on in my creative space up to now. I guess work is inspiring- who knew?

As October rolled into town, I realized I was itching to get creative. Cue the need for a writing challenge. In trying to find something engaging to do in class, and provide a much needed kick in the pants for myself, I’ve signed us up for NaNoWriMo! We’ll see if my students agree with me, but I am super excited. We are going to embark on a wild ride, together, and take a trip to the word mines for the whole month of November! Want to come with us? I’ll keep you posted here, and share some of the tools and fun we have in class. Have any ideas you want to share with us? Fire off a comment below- there’s plenty of space on the bus and the word mines need all the writers it can get! NaNoWriMo, here we come!



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