So, the last Twilight movie was released last weekend.  The end of an era for Twihards everywhere.  You’re reaching for the kleenex now, I just know it!  What is it about this story that is so compelling?  It wasn’t the writing in the books- all the authors I know count it as an amateur attempt at best (I did detect the barest whiff of jealousy when they were telling me this) and it definitely isn’t the acting in the movies (if only Taylor Lautner’s abs could win an Oscar!).  So, then, what is it? What makes Stephenie Meyer’s vampires so sexy?

Like many women, mothers in particular, my responsibilities and to-do lists hang over my head like an anvil waiting to drop and crush me like some hapless cartoon character.  I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer was inspired to write “Twilight” in a dream and wrote it down while her three kids did swimming lessons.  She understood what all women want at their core- and it isn’t Edward or Jacob (well, that would be a nice perk, I suppose).  No, what women want is the endless amount of time that comes with immortality.  Imagine what you could get done!  No more need to sleep, you can grab your meals on the run  and just to make the package complete, you get to be sparkly to boot!  Beautiful, immortal and you get your to-do list done, now that is sexy!  Stephenie Meyer, you are a genius!

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