Be the Change

This week in the third installment of Wire: Messenger Mouse, Ario meets Wire’s family,  which includes some very curious mouselings, and Wire learns his new friend is not only brave, but wise. Ario is one wise slug. It is often the least among us who have the best perspective. If we want the world to […]

A Novel Start

I need your help revising some work that I am hoping to submit in my application for a writing program.  What works?  What doesn’t?  What do you like?  What do you hate?  I promise to take your comments into account as I revise and edit my application pieces.  Thanks! Wishful Thinking- A Novel   Chapter […]

Earning My Keep

Yesterday, my youngest went to kindergarten, for the whole day, on her own. As the youngest of three she has been counting the days since we enrolled her in February, so for her, yesterday couldn’t come fast enough. She is beyond excited to be at school “with the big kids”.  In a lot of ways, […]