I am a busy person.  Making a commitment to write had added something else to my all ready crowded plate and it is knocking me off kilter.  It is messing with my mum mojo, so to speak.  Yesterday when I was making dinner, while writing in my head and supervising my kids while they did their homework, I made a lime explode in my microwave.  Normally this kind of thing would make me want to scream- it is rather messy, afterall.  “Fantastic!”  my inner voice would say (the nasty, sarcastic one) “Something else to add to your to-do list!”.

Yesterday, however, it made me laugh.  I mean, the microwave smelled like fish anyway;  the lime greatly improved the situation.  This kitchen oh-oh also helped me to embrace this woozy feeling I’ve had since the conference, caused by the sheer enormity of this major life change I have made a commitment to make.  I am the lime in the microwave. Just as there were pros and cons to the citrus explosion in my microwave there will be pros and cons to this major life change I want.  I will have to make changes.  Some of the changes will be good and some will be bad.  As long as the goal is worthwhile I will have to accept this as part of the process.  It will be messy, but then most things worth doing create a little bit of a mess.

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  1. Chaos is a good thing! I hope you’re having fun learning to hone your not inconsiderable talents! I’ll definitely be watching, have fun creating.

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