This past weekend I attended the Surrey International Writer’s Festival.   To say that I have come away inspired would be an understatement.  I have said for years that I want to write- the problem is, I never actually get to the writing part of things.  The clincher for me was listening to one of my favourite authors, Diana Gabaldon, give the keynote speech yesterday.  She completed her first novel, Outlander (one of my all time favourite books- you should check it out) when she had small children at home and not one, but two full time jobs- as a university professor, no less!  She said that being busy is no excuse (obviously!) and that even if you can only manage to write for ten minutes a day, it adds up.  As I have learned with other goals I have made in the past, usually fitness and health oriented, if you tell people what you are doing it makes you more accountable.  If I just tell myself I want to write the only person I let down is myself.  I do that all the time, I’m used to the disappointment.  If I tell other what I am going to do and make a pledge to blog as a way to do that, I am now accountable to all the people who read my blog.

So, dear prospective readers, here is my promise.  I know that you are busy and reading my words will add to your load, but I promise that if you read (and perhaps leave comments?) once in awhile, I will strive to put words here on a regular basis.Perhaps, my words will affect you, or entertain you or even make you laugh (hopefully when I am being funny on purpose).  It will all be an exercise in turning me into the writer I have always dreamed I could be.