I knew that in following my dream, new worlds would open up for me.  I had no idea that one of those worlds would be computer literacy!  Despite the fact I have not been posting everyday I have been working everyday on cultivating some of the skills that I need in this new adventure called “becoming a writer”. For instance, I was surprised that this blog comes with it’s very own vocabulary.  I haven’t yet deciphered what a widget is, but I will soon.  Along with learning the ins and outs of WordPress.com, I have also decided to trial some software I saw several writers using at the conference last week.  It is called Scrivenor- it was written by a very witty British novelist (if his tutorial is any indiciation) and seems to be just what I need (in the computer department, anyway.  The rest of me might need a glass of shiraz!)  The program comes with a handy dandy tutorial that is supposed to take about an hour to complete.  I have sat with it for two hours and I’m still not done!  The program writer has set everything up to be user friendly- I guess I am not exactly the user he had in mind when he put it together!  My butt is in the seat, but my mind is reeling!  The nasty little voice inside my head that likes to beat me up keeps whispering “If you can’t figure this out, how can you hope to become a writer?”.  I am determined not to listen to the cow, but she does prattle on!  So, I will listen to the mum voice in my head (I usually like her better anyway!)  Creation is a struggle.  Birth, creative or otherwise, involves labour.  I can’t expect that this journey is going to be all sunshine and roses.  What I am hoping to create is worth the hard work involved.  So, while my eyes may water from staring at the computer screen and my brain may want to block the meaning of widgets from entering its hallowed halls, I will perservere because this is my dream.

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