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Momentum and Creative Energy

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It’s officially summer in Canada, even if they calendar says it happens in a month or so. The weather may still turn on us at any minute, we’ve grown accustomed to that, but the May Long Weekend has come and gone so we are now in summer mode, come hell or summer snow. It’s the Canadian Way. Summer is short in the Great White North. We wring every second of fun out of the too brief season of long days and sunshine we are gifted each year. It is a season of energy and blooming, a period of frenetic creation in the hope we have a bountiful harvest come autumn.

The Victoria Day weekend sets the tone for the rest of the summer, and this year I was fortunate to be able to spend mine with my writer tribe learning new and exciting things about poison and pacing, character and creativity and general writer goodness at The Creative Ink Festival. Man, did I need this- the creative energy and community support especially. Writing is a lonely, thankless task most of the time, particularly on the long road to your first publication. (Nineteen years before his first book for the awesome Kevin Hearne. Yikes.)

Maintaining a solid writing practice with momentum and direction is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. It’s important to fuel yourself and fill the creative reservoirs and technique trunk to sustain you on the long journey. It’s key to put by a reserve of confidence and tenacity to draw from when you put seat in chair and head to the word mines. Conferences like Creative Ink are necessary for writers to meet others like themselves and spend time enjoying what they do with others who understand how fantastic and terrible our chosen art form is. People who can commiserate and inspire, share a drink and hold our hand or congratulate us on an accomplishment achieved. If you can go to an event like The Creative Ink Festival, you’re even more fortunate because you get the opportunity to be the foundation of an amazing community. The positive, personal experience I had this past weekend will help me gain the momentum I need to move forward with my current projects, but being even a small part of something so joyful and positive is also a gift.

So, if you want to grow as a writer, while having a lot of fun and spread some much needed love and joy to counter-act the darkness that seems to push in from all sides these days, then I can’t urge you strongly enough to attend The Creative Ink Festival in 2019. I’m planning on convincing my writing group to attend together next year to make it a super- awesome party. Will I see you there too?

Finally, a big shout out to Sandra Wickham, and her tireless team, for sharing their energy, time and talents with us. It is appreciated, and inspiring. I look forward to joining in the fun next year.


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