THSS Writing 12

Writing 12: Thomas Haney High School 2017/2018

“If I waited for perfection . . . I would never write a word.”

Margaret Atwood

Instructor: Mrs. Kirsten Mah


Course Description: This course focuses on writing in a variety of genres. The purpose of this class is to encourage you to cultivate the habits, attitudes and flexibility of a professional writer in a professional writing community. Students will be expected to conference with the instructor, participate in writer response groups, research and read contemporary published authors, keep and regularly write in a writer’s notebook, and experiment with and revise writing routinely. All students will be encouraged to enter final products into professional and/or student contests.

What is creative writing?
Creative writing is the art of crafting a piece for publication. Notebook writing is just one of the steps in the creative process. The true art of writing includes not only the process of journaling or generating, but also phases of reading, mentoring, experimenting, revising, and editing. All final pieces you will create for this class will reflect the process of writing. Our goal is to become a community of writers who experiment, craft, revise and tinker with our work.

Remember: Write with passion and honesty. All I can ask for is honest effort and diligence in your work as a writer in this community. Make a commitment to your work and take pride in what you write and submit for a grade. Do not worry about your creative skills at the start of the course; our classroom experiences will be dedicated to improvement no matter what your level today.

Writer’s Notebook, Writing utensil, Portfolio (3-ring binder/Digital equivalent

25% Writers’ Notebook and Daily Assigned Writes
45 % Portfolio or Major Assignments (to be discussed)

30% Final Drafts

Create a binder/digital folder labeled “Creative Writing Portfolio.” Within that binder create a section labeled “Rough drafts” and one labeled “Final drafts.” Keep all your work organized in your binder, or saved and backed up on Onedrive, etc. You will be responsible for a portfolio and reflection for the final.

Creative Writing Late Work Policy

Assignments will be posted on my website. If you are absent, you are responsible for the work. I will not hunt you down and make sure you do your work. This policy affords all students a chance to avoid receiving a grade of zero for an assignment. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for avoiding a grade of zero.

  • All assignments have due dates. It is the student’s responsibility to know the due dates.
    • Students should not expect teachers to accept late assignments during the last week of the quarter or semester.

Your responsibilities as my student include the following:

  • To treat your fellow classmates and me with respect
  • To attend classes regularly
  • To be in your seat and prepared to work when the bell rings
  • To work from bell to bell
  • To be cooperative and not disruptive
  • To make up any and all missed work
  • To submit original work

My responsibilities as your teacher:

  • To enforce Thomas Haney High School’s Code of Conduct
  • To treat you with respect
  • To provide you with an orderly classroom environment
  • To provide the discipline that is necessary to maintain an environment which is conducive to learning
  • To provide motivation
  • To teach you the required content
  • To do everything within my power to facilitate the learning process

Reminder: This course is an elective, meaning you elected to take it.  Keep in mind that this course is what you make of it. I am optimistic that, together, we can make this a wonderful experience that will be beneficial for all of us.


Mrs. Mah

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