How can something so small cause so much trouble? I am having flashbacks to my time as a new mum, and I don’t like what I am remembering! I’ve been a mother for eleven years now- I am proud to call myself a seasoned veteran- and yet here I sit confessing to you that I am being bested by a three pound Schnauzer puppy named Twix. I haven’t been frustrated to tears since my youngest was an infant, and yet this little dog has made me cry every other day since she joined us. I have asked myself why I agreed to this in the first place at least a hundred times in the last week alone. I have put the hard work in with my kids and they are all trained. None of them ever have accidents in the house and I can get them to listen to my commands most of the time. I am afraid to admit that there are days since Twix joined us that I am not running the show. Pack leader? Try bottom of the pecking order! I have been outsmarted by a puppy smaller than a Big Mac. I don’t like this feeling! I am accustomed to being the one with all answers. The Big Cheese. CEO of Mah Corporation. Queen of Balsam Creek. Pack leader should be a role that comes naturally to me. My husband wanted another baby, I said “Let’s get a puppy instead!”. I’d almost take pregnancy and childbirth over this last week. Almost. To make matters worse, I feel guilty about relinquishing my pack leader role to this little ball of fur. Thanks to Cesar Millan I can add worrying about creating an “unbalanced energy” and ruining her life forever to my list of neuroses. Thanks a million Dog Whisperer! I know I am supposed to have calm, assertive energy. I don’t think locking yourself in the bathroom and bawling your eyes out is conducive to creating that sort of energy.

Then I remembered, it used to be this hard with my kids. I regularly lost it and then felt guilty. I felt like I was tied to the engine of a runaway train most days, but I grew as a person and as a parent. My kids have become more civilized and we’re bumping along grandly now, for the most part. I have to have faith I can apply my parenting skills to his young ball of brown fur ruling the roost and keep my eye on the horizon. Oh, and stocking up on wine and “Dog Whisperer” DVD’s wouldn’t hurt either!

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