Back to School?

It’s that time of year again, when it seems the whole world heads back to class. I’m teaching again this year, so I am going back- but something in the air always makes me want to hit the books and cram my brain with new and wonderful stuff. How about you? To help you scratch […]

Inspired by Inspiring Others

Mother vs. Writer It’s hard to be a mother and a writer. When I first dared to call myself “writer”, I felt every minute I spent working on my novel, or learning a new literary skill was a minute stolen from my kids. As an unpublished writer, in particular, I felt selfish for spending precious […]

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Do They Know It’s Christmas? We have a local radio station that switches to an all Christmas music format the last week of November. Despite having heard about a study recently that says listening to Christmas carols too early can reduce Christmas spirit, I decided to tune in at the beginning of December, in the […]

NaNoWriMo Reflections

This year, I reached 104% of my NaNoWriMo goal, but that success didn’t take a month. Based on my past experiences with the competition, I set myself to succeed when I set my word count on November 1, and thought about how I was going to work towards my goal. Set Yourself up for Success […]

Will Work for Inspiration

Life can change in an instant. I know this all too well, but it turns out (contrary to my experiences in the last year or so) not every change is inherently bad. This is something that I had forgotten. In August, I accepted a position with my local school board to return to teaching in […]

Earning My Keep

Yesterday, my youngest went to kindergarten, for the whole day, on her own. As the youngest of three she has been counting the days since we enrolled her in February, so for her, yesterday couldn’t come fast enough. She is beyond excited to be at school “with the big kids”.  In a lot of ways, […]

Damn You Cesar Millan!

How can something so small cause so much trouble? I am having flashbacks to my time as a new mum, and I don’t like what I am remembering! I’ve been a mother for eleven years now- I am proud to call myself a seasoned veteran- and yet here I sit confessing to you that I […]

A Wetter Vocabulary

It is said the Inuit have many words for snow. I think we need to apply this to the rain we are so famous for here on the West Coast. Having lived on the “wet” coast for 8 years now, I have realized having just one word to describe the water that falls from the […]

This Year we Write!

After another great season of merry making that followed quick on the heels of an epic Mexican vacation (and all the work that went into making both happen), I am at long last able to return to my writing.  I am free of my obligations to my first job and  can return to this exciting […]

Twilight Forever!

So, the last Twilight movie was released last weekend.  The end of an era for Twihards everywhere.  You’re reaching for the kleenex now, I just know it!  What is it about this story that is so compelling?  It wasn’t the writing in the books- all the authors I know count it as an amateur attempt […]