Back in Shape

The cumulative stress of a year plus of unprecedented insecurity and constant change, coupled with this weird new anxiety, compelled me to seek professional help. My counsellor told me that along with movement, mastery and mindfulness- things I was careful to engage in the last year-meaningful connection is essential for good mental health. How does a natural introvert leave the safety and security of Zoom meetings and quiet evenings at home and resume the face-to-face connections so vital for their health?
Slowly. Thoughtfully. And with a great deal of deal of self-kindness.

New Year, New Tools

Just as Bilbo and Samwise required supplies to get them through Mordor, to help me in my journey through 2021, I’ve sought some tools to help me.

New Year, New Words

I ditched making actual resolutions a few years ago- they were mostly making me feel like a failure- and for the past few years what I’ve done instead is choose a word (or words; I run on the verbose side) to guide my year.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

To inspire your celebrations, I’ve compiled a list of the ways writers I know commemorate big and small achievements in great and quirky ways (we are writers, after all- we’re a nutty bunch).

I Am Not My To-Do List

If no one ever reads what I write- read, if what I’m writing is never published- what the hell is the point, anyway?

Given everything this year has thrown my way, why did I think now was the right time to pledge to write 50,000? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if I let 2020 take the win? Hell no!