Damn You Cesar Millan!

How can something so small cause so much trouble? I am having flashbacks to my time as a new mum, and I don’t like what I am remembering! I’ve been a mother for eleven years now- I am proud to call myself a seasoned veteran- and yet here I sit confessing to you that I […]

A Wetter Vocabulary

It is said the Inuit have many words for snow. I think we need to apply this to the rain we are so famous for here on the West Coast. Having lived on the “wet” coast for 8 years now, I have realized having just one word to describe the water that falls from the […]

To Dare, or Not to Dare

Men dare and women deny. That is my experience, anyway. It is the reason I am having coffee by myself instead of pursuing my hobby in beautiful Hawaii. My husband can call his friends and find one, or more, willing to do things for themselves like attend rock and gem shows in Arizona, or mountain […]