Twilight Forever!

So, the last Twilight movie was released last weekend.  The end of an era for Twihards everywhere.  You’re reaching for the kleenex now, I just know it!  What is it about this story that is so compelling?  It wasn’t the writing in the books- all the authors I know count it as an amateur attempt […]

November State of Mind

I am in a November state of mind today. The sky hangs bleak and grey as sheets of rain create frigid puddles on the pavement below. Trees stretch skeletal branches towards the suffocating clouds as we huddle indoors, all the lamps turned on to push against the too early darkness. I want to curl up […]

Life Gets in the Way

An old friend dropped by today.  Maybe you’ve heard of him- his name is Procrastination.  He shuffled into my house like the old man in the supermarket who slowly weaves in front of you down the dairy aisle, keeping you from reaching the meeting you have been dreading.  He’s a frustrating old codger- you want […]


I expected today to be horrible.  To stink from beginning to end.  One year ago today my world changed forever as my dad passed from this world to the next.  I have cried today, though not for myself.  I do have a tremendous headache, though I suspect that may be my penance for over-indulging in […]